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Striptease Definition:

Removal of clothing in a manner so as to arouse sexual desire.

In 604598 Saskatchewan, Justice Cameron of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal had to determine what was meant by the term striptease because the conduct was prohibited in a provincial regulation:

"The term ... striptease performance ... is to be taken as meaning an act performed by a performer before an audience of patrons, an act consisting of the piece by piece removal by the performer of his or her clothing in a manner calculated to arouse the desire of the audience to see progressively more, but without the intention of completely satisfying that desire by the removal of clothing to the point of nakedness. This is what the words strip and tease suggest....

"Consistent with their tantalizing object, such acts traditionally feature background music and seductive dance, but do not entail physical contact between the performer and any member of the audience. Hence the term is to be taken to include an act featuring music and dance but to exclude physical contact."


  • 604598 Saskatchewan Ltd. v Saskatchewan Liquor & Gaming Authority 157 DLR 4th 82 and at [1998] 7 WWR 209

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