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Sub Spe Rati Definition:

Latin: in the hope of ratification.

The limited and conditional acceptance of a diplomat of a proposed treaty which, ultimately, must be presented and approved by his or her government or head of state.

In this way, a proposed treaty may be signed sub spe rati by a diplomat; an agreement in principle but not in force until ratified by the diplomat's head of state or government. A treaty sub spe rati is subject to subsequent ratification.

In his dictionary of diplomatic law terms, Gamboa defined sub spe rati as:

"In the hope that the negotiations will be ratified.

"if in the process of negotiation, the sovereign will be negotiating diplomat represents dies, his mission technically terminates. He may continue the negotiation pending receipt of fresh credentials sub spe rati, i.e. in the expectation that his commitments will be ratified by the new sovereign."


  • Gamboa, Melquiades, A Dictionary of International Law and Diplomacy (Quezon City, Philippines: Phoenix Press, 1973), page 250

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