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Traffic Ticket Definition:

A written notice to a driver of a suspected violation of traffic law, and specifics thereof.

A traffic ticket may go by the more formal name of violation ticket.

Typically, a traffic ticket is handed to a driver immediately after the offence has been observed by a police or traffic officer. However, it can also be delivered by mail is is the case with photo radar tickets.

The traffic ticket sets out the nature and detail of the alleged offence. Typical information includes:

  • An allegation that you have broken a traffic statute including the precise section of the law being relied upon;
  • The name of the jurisdiction (eg. The Province of Ontario);
  • The name of the traffic statute which has been allegedly broken or pursuant to which the ticket is issued;
  • The date, time and place of the alleged offence;
  • The name and address of the person to whom the ticket is issued;
  • Identification of the vehicle including license plate; and
  • Information on how to contest or dispute the allegation including the name and address of the place to either acknowledge the allegation and pay the fine, or to contest the ticket.


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