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Uterine Definition:

Related to the uterus or, in estate law, siblings issue of a common mother.

Related to the uterus as in:

  • Intra-uterine contraceptive;
  • Uterine cavity;
  • Uterine wall;
  • Uterine lining;
  • Uterine prolapse;
  • Uterine tumor;
  • Uterine cancer; or
  • Uterine tissue.

Historically, uterine perforation and infection was one of the great risks associated with abortion.

In estate law, a term to describe a relationship between two or more children of the same mother: two or more persons issue from the same uterus.

Thus, uterine siblings are distinguished by the same mother but different fathers. Uterine sisters are issue of the same uterus.

Step-brother or step-sister joined by blood through their common mother.

Writing on the subject of Sharia law in 2009, Maria Reiss wrote of the discrimination still regrettably, extant in some jurisdictions and based upon the concept of uterine relationships:

"Uterine siblings (those born of the same mother but different fathers) may not receive inheritance unless there are no descendants or antecedants.

"In the absence (thereof), a uterine sibling will inherit a one-sixth share of the estate."


  • Reiss, Maria, The Matrialization of Legal Pluralism in Britain, 26 AJICL 739 (2009)

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