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The truly, ultimate, aboriginals, first creatures a very territorial nurse with the possible exception of Antarctica, are animals. And yet they have been systematically carved out, for the most part, from the protection afforded their fellow creatures, human beings, from the protection of the law.

In fact, and repeating now only historical fact, humans have been eating animals that use animals of the source of food since the dawn of time.

Humans having evolved from animals, made a quantum leap at one point, acquiring the ability to reason, to sing, to be aware of surroundings, to plan for the future; in other words, to exhibit all of the features of advanced reasoning. disability was used by humans for their convenience, omnivores as they are, to feed themselves, to provide themselves with protection, to use animals as tools and whatever other advantage they could and still do impose upon mere animals.

This electronic publication sets out to do two things. First, we seek to review the law as it has been at animals; to review essential events in the history of animal law. Secondly, we are of the editorial team that animal law is on the cusp of change. For centuries, the last major change in animal law being the prevention of cruelty towards animals, has proven to be insufficient in the recognition and acknowledgment of the place and space animals not only occupy on our planet, but are entitled to occupy arguably with legal status higher than the farm chicken.

This is a law book, not an advocacy publication. But while Duhaime on Animal La is not a book for radical vegans, we will not shy from expressing opinions on a status quo which continues or supports either the pure commercial exploitation of animals (eg. horse-acing, zoos, etc.) or which supports turning a blind eye to the cruelty towards animals mostly, but not exclusively, in the food products industry.

This law book is a collaboration between Lloyd uhaime and his sister Rochelle Duhaime, the later, as of 2014, a law student at the Université Laval in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

The concept is a commentaries style book with a review of the law on animals as is first became, as it evolved, as it is today and with a special chapter on some exciting new initiatives that are occurring that may impact the body of law in the future.

We have included a Table of Cases which we will endeavour to complete with all classic or otherwise important cases in Animal Law, from any jurisdiction in the world.

We hope you will enjoy this publication as much as we have enjoyed the preperatio thereof especially in that while keeping in mind the exigencies and the realitis of the modern world in both population and transportation, we are also promoting knowledge of a body of law that is directed at the reduction if not radication of all exploitation and cruelty towards animals, who cannot speka for themselves and are completely at the mercy of "human" law.

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