“passivity and ongoing acceptance of the status quo, wrote University of Alberta law professorPeter Sankoff in hios 2009 book Animal Law in Australasia: A New Dialogue, "is the greatest threat to animals,"

Duhaime's Animal Law Journal (DALJ) is intended to be break the silence and provide a venue for law reform as it relates to animals and the consideration and discussion of the issues of law and fact affecting the lives of non-human animals.



  • September, 2014, Duhaime, Rochelle, Quebec Minister of Agriculture Promises Changes to Animal Legal Status {Animals are poised to get a form of legal status for the fist time in a North American jurisdiction.}
  • Duhaime, Rochelle, If Legal Status Was Based on "Merit", Would Humans Qualify?
  • February, 2014, Duhaime, Lloyd, In The Absence Of Effective Animal Law, Technology Can Help (While the voices for animal law are getting louder, there are things you can do now to protect your pet).
  • March 2010, Pet Lawyer: The Amazing Antoine Goetschel {Antoine Goetschel is not your average lawyer. Not by a dog bite. He may have the coolest business card as the world's only dedicated District Animal Rights Attorney.}
  • July 2009, Duhaime, Lloyd, Canine Ferae Naturae: The Statutory Elimination of Naturally Fierce Dogs (Pit bulls and rottweilers, neither bred nor fit for modern urban life, are proving tough to weed out.)