Ever wonder about the why or what animal rights' are all about, no, but really. Why all the fuss? Humans have been exploiting animals since the beginning of time, right? Not quite, at least not at all like we're doing it today.
Seeing that a picture is worth a whole lot of words, this short clip doesn't need even a single word, in fact, there are none. And the images, once you realize what you're looking at, aren't gross or gory, just facts. Hard, cold, facts.
http://www.filmsforaction.org/watch /without_saying_a_word_this_6_minute_short_film_will_make_you_speechless/
It's a clip from the phenomenal documentary Samsara, directed by Ron Fricke, who also made Baraka.
Can you put this video into words?
If you're interested in watching Samsara, you can go here http://www.barakasamsara.com/dvd to buy the DVD or find on-demand streaming services where it's available like iTunes and Netflix.