Site History and Awards, especially Duhaime's Law Dictionary, has received extensive judicial and academic recognition. While we can't keep track of all of them, Judicially Cited & Lloyd Duhaime's Reported Cases presents a sampling.

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"A quick trip to is a marvelous way to get a quick grasp of the basic principles of family law - commercial, tort, employment or almost any other manner of law – with up to date case reference." [Jason Lothian, Canadian Bar Association, Law matters", August 2005]

►  Cornell University Law Library, Ithaca, New York, November, 2011:

"Duhaime’s Law Dictionary is researched and written by Canadian barrister and solicitor Lloyd Duhaime. A hyperlinked alphabetical index leads the user to a list of legal terms and their definitions that begin with the letter the user has selected. Legal terms used within a definition are defined through hyperlinks. Multiple definitions of a single term are provided when appropriate. Many definitions are coupled with examples further clarifying the meaning of the term. The alphabetical links are on every page searched, so that other terms may be searched without returning to the homepage. The dictionary includes common Latin legal words and phrases as well as English terms.

"Duhaime has created a site which both layman and attorney will find easy to search and understand."

Harvard Law School (Dictionary Blog at, June 26, 2009):

"You will be hard pressed to find a more entertaining site than In it you can learn so much about legal terms, history of law, legal Latin terms, and more.

"What makes so interesting is that it gives even the creepiest of legal terms a twist, embedding it with humor all the while keeping it relevant and seriously informative."

► Featured in the October 2008 issue of the fashion magazine Flare in an article on common law relationships entitled The Accidental Bride (link is to a PDF of the article); and a September 1999 article in Monday Magazine, Accessing Justice.

► Forbes Magazine (, winner, Best of the Web, 2008 in the category of Internet "Legal Advice"):

"Created by Canadian Lloyd Duhaime - self-proclaimed lawyer, writer, NHL-nut, jogger, goalie--this site's dictionary is the most comprehensive we've found.

"Don't worry about whether the terms also hold for U.S. law; Duhaime makes sure to clarify which definitions are specifically for Canadian or U.S. laws. The dictionary includes more than a sprinkling of etymology that a lot of other online legalese dictionaries ignore. Most entries include both the direct translation as well as the terms applied significance (i.e. Duhaime writes that while a vinculo matrimonii is Latin for "of marriage," in courts today it's used to refer to a divorce).

"Law Fun entry includes lawyer jokes, a Lawkids section, and the Dumbest Things Ever Said in Court ("How far apart were the vehicles at the time of collision?").

"One of the best legal dictionaries on the Web."

Canadian Bar Association, 2002

"Information, information, information! In a clear and accessible format, (the) website is brimming with legal information. The website serves as an indispensable resource for the consumer market." started as a bulletin board in Ottawa, circa 1993-94, using Wildcat! 4 software. Almost immediately, WYSIWYG showed up and the obvious advantages of a new Internet beckoned and it has since become this web site, thanks in such large part to the incredible Spry New Media design team.

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Law Museum featured on World Online Digest (2001).

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New York Times Cyber Law Journal Cool Sites of 2001

Self-declared "damn good web site."

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DUHAIME'S LAW DICTIONARY: Tired of legal gobbledygook? Want a clear translation? Lloyd Duhaime - lawyer, barrister, solicitor and a John Lithgow look-alike - provides one of the best legalese-to-English dictionaries on the Web. From amicus curiae to yellow dog contract, this site is worth bookmarking for any future legal translations you may need. BEST: Duhaime's biography: Solid credentials presented in an amusing read.Forbes Magazine, May 2008 SO THIS LAWYER WALKS INTO A ... Next time you want to dull the sting of a big fat legal bill ... check out This little nugget of a website is managed by Lloyd Duhaime, a Victoria-based lawyer who has the temerity to poke fun at his chosen profession of the past twenty years.Globe & Mail, January 4, 2006  If you relish courtroom humor, as I do, you'll enjoy a visit to the Web site of Lloyd Duhaime, a Canadian barrister, solicitor, historian and hockey fan based in Victoria, British Columbia. Duhaime's site contains many entertaining legal alleyways, including one devoted to tasteful lawyer jokes and another, called the Hall of Horrors, that examines the law's lamentable record of punishment through the ages. The best reading corner is his collection of the Dumbest Things Ever Said in Court. Spoken by real-life lawyers and witnesses and taken from official court records, all of the interrogations beg to be printed.New York Times, May 25, 2001  Canadian lawyer Lloyd Duhaime ... offers some nice self-depreciating lawyer jokes to show he's not taking all this too seriously. Like the one about the criminals who took a roomful of lawyers hostage and threatened to release one every hour if their demands weren't met.The Irish Independent of July 13, 2003 Your site’s a great reference for lawyers and paralegals.WestlawSept. 22, 2010 For Canadian legal information of a general and topical nature, Duhaime Law has a variety of articles written by lawyers in clear, easy-to-understand language. It's a great resource for improving your general understanding of Canadian, 2009


Great website, very instructive! It helps me to understand in a easy and funny way the common law (I study law in Belgium).D. "V." G., 2014-02-12

My fave legal dictionary: I do love your site. I am a legal translator and I often use the dictionary when I am working. A shout-out to @Duhaime a lawyer with a sense of whimsy, and a Canuck no less! It is nice to see a site where the owner's personality shines through.Lisa Maldonado, Twitter, 2014-01-04Thanks from Roger the BarristerYou are no mere beetle climbing carefully and boldly as you do in the piles of words that can kill any one of us. Such a helpful and lighthearted trip through such terrifying territory. The name Duhaime now occupies a really special frame for me personally as well as a welcome light in a darkened space called the public good.J.L.M., November 21, 2011Great website! You've done a wonderful job of laying out a complicated and murky discipline in a very comprehensive, attainable, and elegant fashion. As a layman going through a foreign and somewhat terrifying legal ordeal, I find the practical information and context on your site helps ground me. Thank-you, Mr. Duhaime..Barton Finkleschnitz, September 18, 2013 (very clever and realistic pseudonym at writer's request).
Your website is a masterpiece.Diana, May 16, 2012 Dear Mr. Duhaime: I found your website extremely well structured and explained in a manner that a lay person could comprehend. (Although the Latin injections were also well-done… made me feel smarter some how). Very simply, thank you.Michael Cooper, Grasp Software Corporation, May 11, 2012Hi Mr. Duhaime, I enjoy your posts on your wonderful website. I am very impressed by your ability to convey the complexities of the legalese to us lay folk, very much appreciate and thank you so much.Andre Smith, December 5, 2011 DEAR SIR, I must write to You to let You know that You have the MOST INCREDIBLE LAW SITE in The WORLD !! THANK YOU !!D. Ken Shaw, The PHOENIX Group & Associates, Penticton, B.C. (CAN), October 13, 2011 Dear Mr. Duhaime: Kudos to you for I especially admire your Time-line and Hall of Fame, which do a marvelous job of conveying information in an attractive and usable format. I am adding links to them on the somewhat similar pages I’ve created for a summer class I teach for incoming law students.Michael DeBow, Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama, October 13, 2011 Dear Mr. Duhaime, I recently came across your website. It is an excellent resource. Thank you for your contribution to the public.Adam Wygodny, Toronto, May 5, 2011 Actually, I just visited your site for the first time and your clarification and in-depth definition helped me immensely. I will bookmark your site for future reference. I have a friend who is a legal assistant and have passed on this info. Thanks a lot!Mary May 3, 2011 Thank you so much for your informational web site, the best legal terminology web site around. I found it very helpful and very educational. A happy searcher, Susan, I just found the site today. I had a great need in 1993 to just such a site (when) my son was murdered. To find and understand the legal terminology was a nightmare. It was a pity that I did not know of the site at that time. I wish to urge you to continue your efforts, and provide this every useful information to the layperson. Congratulations for a job well done, and our best wishes for the site's continued success. Burt, Ontario, Canada I feel like I've discovered oil by finding you -- thank you for being on the wonderful web. P. M. I love your webpage! It is extremely helpful and I just wanted to congratulate you for creating such easy, user-friendly, informative page. :) Alexa, You have created a truly amazing web site for legal information. Thank you. Judge R. S., Missouri, USA I stumbled onto this site and was very impressed. I love to find informative sites and this is now bookmarked. Thank you. R. Hauser Law with an attitude! Gotta love it! Mark, I literally fell in your lap. I was looking for an entirely different web site. I am so glad I found you instead. I will be spending most of the weekend browsing. You have lots to offer. Thanks! I. L., To the writers: I am new to the web and happened on your site today. I do like your philosophy even though it will eventually put me out of a job. Ah well, there's always litigation! At any rate, I think your dictionary is extremely well done. You are doing a terrific job. Mary R., government attorney, Los Angeles. What a wonderful service you provide. I am a public interpreter and very often, I need to check legal words. A legal dictionary I had purchased is miles behind yours. Juan M.H., Panama. Congratulations for your site, which is the best I know of on the web on law. Jean-Marie, lawyer, Mauritius Your web site is very interesting and informative. Keep up the good work. The dictionary is an absolutely incredible source and experience. E. B., Houston Area League of PC Users This is an excellent and very informative Web page! It is great to see a web page dedicated to the law and the legal profession. Traditionally, the law profession has not moved as quickly into the computer and internet ages as quickly as other professions/industries. P.D., This is Blackstone all over again! Even as we find ourselves immersed in a sea of obtuse legal documents, there arises an apostle of simplification, DUHAIME.ORG. L. D., University of Pennsylvania School of Law This is, without a doubt, one of the coolest, froodiest, usefullest, snarkiest, bestest websites I've ever happened across. Congrats. K.O. I would just like to thank you for taking the time to provide this unique service. I was really having trouble identifying each term discussed in my law class, and now, due to your wit, humour and efforts I can say that I truly understand. Thank you. S.S., Hey! Congrats and thanks. It was a real pleasure to visit and you can bet that you are on my bookmark list. J. O., As a tech in a computer store, I have the time to surf. I've seen (and tried to use) many, many sites. Ever try to find the drivers section at AT&T? Well I have, and it's beyond hard. Your page is laid out great. No; not great: f------ great! Easy to navigate, lots of options, plain language (what a concept!?!). Just thought I'd drop you a line and say: whew! What a ride! Thanx D., This is the first time I have needed legal information and I was very pleased to find it on the net, where I could take my time and read at my own speed. The information has been very important to me and I thank you for providing it, free of charge and in plain language. A tip of the old top hat to you! R., America Online I recently came across your web site on legal information. I think it is really great. It looks like it was quite a job to assemble all that information. I just wanted to thank you guys for a great web site. Glen, I liked the content of your page a lot. I plan to put a link from my own page to yours, just for the fact I think more people should take a look. You have some really good information, and I hope you keep it up. R.L., I have viewed your web site and believe it to be the best legal based site that I have seen. Keep up the excellent work. Law belongs to the people and what you've organized will be of assistance to many. J.S., Barrister and Solicitor, The pages are excellent. The organizational structure is good and the language is simple making the concepts easy to understand for us non-legal types. S.L., I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how informative I found your WWW site. With what I was able to find on your site, I am better prepared to talk to either a lawyer or a mediator now. E.F., I have just browsed through your site. Thank you. Your site has just made the Internet worth it for me. W.R., Your web page is great. Informative, fun and great resources. Pat B., California Just to let you know that I thought the site is really well laid out, and the pages of the firms listed (5-star) are also of the high quality you mention on your home page. Law-Link, UK Keep it up. I like this site! Great links, and interesting stuff. R.G.N., Barrister and Solicitor, Ontario. Your website is way out in front, conceptually, and I congratulate you on it. I look forward to stopping in often. J.G.H., civil litigator, Toronto Please! Keep it up! The world needs this page! J.H., Delphi Internet Services Looks like an excellent new addition to the resources available to legal researchers all over the English speaking world. Congratulations. H. M., University of Canberra Terrific work! I have enjoyed browsing your links and information. Great job! D.N, Ottawa lawyer What a great website! C., AOL Online I just found your site and it's excellent! S.S., By translating the law from legalese to plain language, you are doing to the law what Martin Luther did with the Bible, when he translated it from Latin to ordinary language. N.W. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Thank you. R.M. Wow! What a terrific site. You are providing a great public service with all that legal information. Hope you keep those pages up for a long time. L.D-L., Islandnet Thank you for making this important information available here! I've looked for similar information in the library and in magazines and could not find it. Thank you for providing this service, and keep up the good work! S.M., GNN.COM Your website ... is invaluable! It helped me through law school and even now while articling. A.A., Calgary, January 3, 2008 Your website is so very interesting... and entertaining, as well!!! I want to congratulate you on the content... Your website is a real gem!!! S.H., August 13, 2008 Your website has been extremely informative to me and I have the utmost respect for your opinion. You truly are a modern-day Blackstone! SK, Kincardine, Ontario, October 29, 2008 Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful site. I am a 52 year old woman studying to be a law clerk and am overwhelmed by some of the information until I found your site. I have recommended it to many of my classmates. Also did a presentation on some of the fun stuff at your site. Thank you. KH, law clerk-in-training, May 16, 2009 Excellent, informative, to the point and without a sugar coat. Very good website. Generous with information. Thank you so much. Sandra, August 1, 2009 Any time I consult with a lawyer who tells me they want to create a comprehensive website, I send them to yours as an example. Excellent work, and I acknowledge you've done a LOT of it! S. Wilson, August 26, 2009 This web site is an excellent resource for the legal profession, Mr. Duhaime. D. Merner, Barrister & Solicitor, British Columbia, January 2009 I would like to commend you for creating a very helpful and informative source for us non-lawyers to gain a greater understanding of the field. GJ, Professor, Seneca College, Toronto, September 2009 Mr. Duhaime: I simply wanted to extend my gratitude for your wonderful website. It is a constant help to many students across Canada and the world, but of particular help to students at McGill studying both the civil and common law system simultaneously. I've relied on it heavily for quick answers for the past two years, and I am sure I will continue to do so.... Your efforts help everyone better understand the law in simple, clear, and concise terms. RK, McGill University Faculty of Law, Montreal, Quebec, September 2010 I just want to thank you SOOOOO much for your website. I am studying the Law Clerk program at my local College. As well, I am a mature student who has returned to school for retraining after being laid off from my job. If it wasn't for your very informative legal dictionary to help me through the legal jargon, I would be lost. I keep your website popped up for easy access during my classes so that I can interpret what is being taught in layman's terms. Again, thank you and keep up the good work. Us old folks depend on it!Laura DesbiensOct. 18, 2010 What an amazing resource you have provided. Thank you so much!Cindy Stein, AnimalRightsHistory.OrgJanuary 16, 2011