faculty signAt Duhaime.org, we strive to deliver legal information and generic advice in a format not just comprehensible to John and Jane Doe Public, but also to lawyers and justice system professionals around the English-speaking world. As we average 10,000 visitors a day and 30,000 page-views, that’s millions of readers a year.

This is no information farm - all content is not only original, but it’s practically all written by some lawyer who squeezed the article into an otherwise busy day, evening or morning (one of which, we know, does so with a dose of Bikram Yoga, some ice hockey and the occasional Starbucks decaf, one-third real, two sugars and a pouch of honey please).

It takes a community to raise a good website and this is our community. One vain soul may have lent his name to the trade-mark and URL, but for the record, this is a team effort and this is the team.


Martin AllenMARTIN ALLEN is a busy criminal law lawyer practising in Victoria as Martin Allen Law (martinallenlaw.ca) and one who got the picture of legal information on the Internet from the early days. He can be found walking around the streets near the Law Courts of Victoria, with most of his legal gown on, always ready to speak of his latest adventures in criminal law or his high seas adventures with the British Merchant Navy, engineering work in the Arctic and later in management in a major aerospace company. For us, how grateful are we that he has written many of the pages that now grace the Criminal Law Resource.

Lloyd Duhaime, 2013LLOYD DUHAIME may be the evil mastermind behind Duhaime.org but there’s already far too much stuff on him in the site to waste good, honest screen space on his achievements etc., all, we are sure, quite likely blown out of proportion as any self-respecting lawyer might be want to do, especially on Martindale-Hubbell.

Well, maybe not, but see his biography for more.

mystery LanceLANCE LONG would want any write-up to begin with the assurance that he is considerably younger than the writer of the site … and also that in terms of appearance and underlying architecture, the whole site has his fingerprints ... and from the get-go. Lance has had the techie mantle at Duhaime.org since the beginning of time …. or at least since HTML exceeded what the mind of an average lawyer can grasp.

Like we said, “beginning of time”.

Mr. Long comes to his position honestly, owner of Spry New Media based in Victoria, Duhaime.org is only one of an impressive stable of wow! websites. We’ll have to take our chances that he'll increase his rates as a result of it but the reality is that we are very, very, very fortunate to have Lance a part of the Duhaime.org team. If he ever gave it up for, say, a professional fishing guide gig in Sooke, we’d be like Google without Larry Page.

Kelly Leigh MillerKELLY MILLER is a freelance illustrator and a graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland with a B.F.A. in Illustration. She alleges that her childhood was spent in Louisville, Kentucky.

In 2010, she interned for Hatch Creations in London, England. She confesses to a soft spot for bad movies, sci-fi/fantasy stories, coffee and dogs! Her's is the perfect hand behind much of the artwork on Duhaime.org and especially the mascot Roger.

Dr. David NaysmithDR. DAVID NAYSMITH is a Victoria surgeon and a resource on the world’s only (last time we checked anyway) free and authoritative Medical-Legal Dictionary.

He massages the medico-legal definitions when necessary to ensure that the medicine is correct. To be fully forthcoming, he’s a fellow ice hockey player and a bull in front of the net.

There have been words.

Glenda PryceGLENDA PRYCE is a busy social worker based in Victoria and has contributed to Duhaime.org from the beginning by editing articles, sitting on countless focus groups as we toy with images and formats.

But most importantly of all, she the amazing wife of the website's name-sake (and a share-holder of the holding company!) so you can just imagine how much duhaime.org crap she has endured over the years! But she loves our website.

Darren WilliamsDARREN WILLIAMS practises any kind of law that gets him inside the Courtroom but his passion is maritime law. He is the contributor of most of the articles in the Maritime & Waterways Law Centre and the primary consultant on just what words needed to be in the Maritime & Waterways Law Dictionary.


TALLY HEIKE's art has and still does grace the pages of Duhaime.org. She is a Victoria-based "... obsessive crafter by day, and also an obsessive crafter by night." She sees the world like we do. Follow her on her blog Tally's Treasury.

PHILIP B. KERR was a huge part of the humble beginnings of Duhaime.org, assisting in more ways than just moral in the formation and tenure of the multi-award winning predecessor to Duhaime.org, the World Wide Legal Information Association (wwlia.org, now a dormant referral site to Duhaime.org). When the legal information world was in its genesis, Chapter One, verse One, Phil was there knowing full well what the future was and giving chapter and verse to the endeavor, including more than a few helpers in his area of legal expertise, intellectual property law. Phil now lives n Ottawa where he practice with Kerr, Nadeau. If we get into intellectual property trouble, we're callin' Philip.

MARILYN MASON is the other half of the brain trust of 3-Way Street Corporation. Again, in the formative years of Duhaime.org, Marilyn’s contributions were frequent and always helpful. What to do next, how to do it, when to do it ... if in doubt, "ask Marilyn" was the mantra.

Michael MilliganMICHAEL MILLIGAN is all kinds of things (we'll go with cartoonist) who used to live in Victoria but now lives in Ottawa where a few phenomenal YTV success stories dragged him from our precincts. He was the creator and writer of the YTV series RollBots and the children's book The Pig and the Box. He is the father of our first incarnation of our mascot Roger. Now that he’s a Hollywood star (or is that Pixar or Hanna-Barbara?), it’s hard to get a hold of him but forever, in the immortal spirit of Roger, Michael Milligan will live. His latest project, as of 2:47 P.M. Pacific DST, is 1889 Labs.

Dave ScottDAVE SCOTT is a successful entrepreneur based in Ottawa, where he and his partner Marilyn Mason have owned and operated 3-Way Street Corp. for over 25 years. 3-Way Street makes ExpoTrack® and ExpoMatch®, the world’s most advanced event and membership management software products and the company now has clients worldwide. Dave recognized the potential of the internet during its infancy and with his invaluable guidance, the World Wide Legal Information Association (WWLIA.org, duhaime.org predecessor) took hold and flourished. It is difficult having him so far away and far too busy to help out with Duhaime.org but for the occasional feedback, but let the record show that when Duhaime.org was first just an idea, it was kicked around with Dave Scott over pints, not to mention his second to none eye for graphic design (which, incidentally, improved over pints). He is a decent broom-ball player and with a bit of peripheral vision, we could have gone on to greatness.

ELIZABETH TRAER was a Godsend when the WWLIA was kicking around and in the challenging years when the national non-profit had to decide whether to grow within that model or migrate to Duhaime.org. She has since moved away from Victoria – thankfully, not too far – and she is a business owner herself (Copycat, Duncan, BC, aka Island Copycat) and often checks in with Duhaime.org.