Video cameras now roll in many US court rooms and in many deposition rooms (where a judge is not present).

There are privacy issues with these but once they're published on the Internet, they tease their way into the public domain. Our value-added is that we've listened and watched through countless hours of this stuff - mostly junk - but what's here a la carte is the best of the best, taken from every named source on the Net such as, but not necessarily limited to, YouTube, Google Video, Revver, Yahoo! Video, MetaCafe, etcetera.

These videos have a tendency of being yanked more frequently than a Colorado Rockies pitcher in a World Series game so if a URL is broken, I'd sure appreciate a note to lduhaime [at]!


Official title: Old Lawyer Fight

Gotta love this one! Who says 80-somethings are too old to fight! This is a 3-minute long video of a deposition in which a former Monsanto chemist turned-consultant is egged on by feuding attorneys who, quite frankly, are an embarassement to the profession but great for YouTube ratings!



A drive by shooting leaves an infant dead which results in the father's attempt, once he's together in the same (Court) room with the suspected killer, at vigilante justice, all brought to you with the melodrama audio-over of Spike TV.

The recorded volume seems very high so get ready to reduce the volume.



Ms So-and-so decided to take her clothes off in Court. I think I caught a ever-so-small smile on the elder judge's face.