This is part of a LawFun three-pack:

"Would you say that we have a case?"

In this first Coke ad, an attorney is puzzled by the request made by Coke employees purporting to represent Coca-Cola Zero against ...

Well, I won't spoil the surprise and let the eyebrows raise on you as it does for this Coca-Cola attorney.

Game Time!

In this ad, brought to you by Fox Sports, a real-time criminal hearing, jury and all, gets everybody but the poor defendant's attention.

If You And Your Wife Hate Each Other Like Poison

Maybe it's just me with my nice Canadian lawyer sensitivities but this is, well, nuts! Like, how bad do you want bad clients?

Let's Make 'Em Pay

Makes you just want to hug a lawyer!

The California Switchblade

It's not clear if this attorney is hawking legal services or auditioning for the sequel to the Godfather. It looks like it may be Marco Palumbo of Pasquali & Palumbo of Oklahoma City.


Quiet and subtle (or not?), this ad is by Shine Lawyers of Australia.

100% Of All The Money!

Lowell "The Hammer" Stanley's website is His practise is in Norfolk, Virginia next to, just judging from his ad, a used car lot? His business phone number: 495-CASH! There are no redeeming features here; it's as bad as it gets. Note the horrific personal injuries that are played in the background - it's not for the faint of heart.

The Cookie Monster

This is a product ad but it's a great spoof of a barrister.


Call Flint!

Rap and personal injury law? Of course! Why didn't I think of that! Together at last!