The greatest collection of feats and facts in the world of law. The most unusual things that have ever happened in the world of law and justice.

At Duhaime's LAWmazingTM, visit this unique museum of law and justice, and even world records as they pertain to law and justice.

Fun for all ages. It's all here. The greatest collection of amazing facts in the world of law. Don't miss it. No trip into the world of law is complete without a visit to Duhaime's LAWmazingTM. The biggest. The smartest. The most litigious. The craziest. The unbelievable. The best hyperbole.

Right here. Right before your eyes. In eight volumes and counting.

LAWmazing 1 - The Original

The amazing American coincidence of July 4, 1826. One California judge's judgment for $304,840,332,912,685. The attorney called Crook. The lady with 62 husbands. The rhyming French Civil Code lawyer. Coach and carriage to the hangman's noose. The insane Scottish marriage ritual. Giving it all to a snowman. Hiding it all in a Sudoku puzzle. One litigious pain in the ass.

LAWmazing 2

LAWmazing 3

LAWmazing 4

LAWmazing 5

LAWmazing 6

Her home is her castle. The Earl of Lawlessness. Cheating wife on eBay. Julio Diaz' dangerous decision. The Blackbrooke Fly. Lawyers with beards prohibited.

LAWmazing 7

Leave it to the probation officer. Breast size matters. Shogun the dogs.

LAWmazing 8 - Canadian Edition

The pillory for a few ill-chosen religious cuss words. The phenomenal feminist. Swearing on a chicken. 12-year-old daughter 2, Father 0. The fender will. Wannabe jock lawyer. H. P. P. Crease, R.I.P., Did It All.

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