Celebrity or famous lawyers - not everyone uses their law degree to trampoline into a world of oak-panelled chambers and long speeches before cranky gowned judges. Some ride their degree to new, unexpected - even offbeat - heights.

Lawyers are trained to not seek the limelight. Justice for our client is our beacon, not our round, vain faces.

But some very-well known lawyers didn't earn a spot in the Law's Hall of Fame even though many of them are vastly better-known to the general public then their Hall of Fame brethren.

The Himalayan they climbed had no Lady Justice to guide their way.

Celebrity Lawyers logoCelebrity with a law  degree, aka Celebrity Lawyers.

Here it is: famous lawyers ... but famous for something other than a career in law or justice.


If you read Hollywood news or Rolling Stone or follow professional cricket or football, well ... we don't!

We need celebrity lawyer nominees - not lawyers for celebrities but lawyer celebrities.

You do the suggestin' and we'll do the research and writin' and all due credit, we'll be givin'!

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