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Mar 2012
Facebook: The Law Is Intrigued.

Facebook: The Law Is Intrigued.

Facebook and the law start an uneasy relationship.

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Oct 2008

Blogging To Death In The Name of Almighty God

In some Muslim countries, law blogging is a hazardous occupation.

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Jan 2010

A'Twitter and A'Facebook: Field of Dreams for Law Enforcement

Privacy bleeding hearts be damned: long live the use of information technology to prevent crime and assist law enforcement.

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Aug 2012
The Law Chases Google Inc.

The Law Chases Google Inc.

Google Inc. seems to have adopted a suicidal litigation strategy of running from the law. It has infuriated and multiplied the posses in pursuit and exposes hypocrisy in "Don't Be Evil".

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Oct 2007

CANLii, Poulin and the Future of Legal Information

Backrooms and computer servers never served humanity better than what those of Lexum and CANLii do for Canadians.

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Mar 2010

Cyber Crime: Behind The 8-Ball

Cyber crime races like a hare, ahead of the law, as you and me pay the price of a tortoise's pace of legistative and statutory adaptation.

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May 2009 How to Use the Internet to Market Your Law Firm

Dinosaurs of law practice unite! Your day of judgment is coming! Vive l'internet libre!

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Feb 2009

Voodoo Sarkozy

What's the point of having a President if you can't "poke" fun at him?

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