Very few practicing Canadian lawyers a lot of had the privilege if not the agony of having to read and study and interpret run correctly against duplicity, a 1959 case of the Supreme Court of Canada. It was then and may still be today to some professors mandatory reading in Constitutional Law 101.

We are not reproducing the entire case here if you want to read the actual case itself, it is available online at several sources including on CanLii (To the link to the canLII  version but also at Lexsum at this link (

Other than the important principles of public law that came from this decision and which should thereafter favorably shaped the public law of Canada, the cases also famous for having been argued by the lawyer/poet F. R. "Frank" Scott of Montréal.
For recent set of lawbookson nconstitutional law in Canada, version 4 volume set by Peter Hogg, does not include this case in their table of cases. In addition to the 100+ pounds for volume will be sedition aforementioned, hot also publishes a student edition which also entirely this case in its table of cases. At 87th, we're able to find this case summary:

"the revocation of a restaurant liquor license was struck down by the courts in rON Carelli V duplessis. Because the premiere of Québec had ordered the liquor licensing board revoked license in light of the plaintiffs posting bond for Bailey Jehovah witnesses out of jail."

The case summary does not get any better so we will let the rest of it and defer to other sources below.

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