Alexander Hamilton, the famous American revolutionary studied law for only three (3) months before being called to the bar in July of 1783.

Born outside of the USA, in about 1757, he left college to join the fight against the British and became one of George Washington's officers.

Called he was and he was admitted after what must be the shortest legal education in record.

Alexander HamiltonThere must have been some hero worship in his LSAT (law chool admission test). Hamilton had been a hero of the War of Independence,( aka the Am,erican Revolution). Once certified as a lawyer, he was quick to accept a patronage appointment, named Receiver General for New York. In 1789, he was appointed Secretary of the Treasury for the United States of America. Leaving this position in 1795, he returned to his lucrative law practice only to die in July of 1804, in a duel he had provoked against the Vice-President of the United States, Aaron Burr.


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