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Compulsory military service.
Consecutive Sentences
Sentences which run one after the other.
A decision achieved through negotiation whereby a hybrid resolution is arrived on an issue, dispute or disagreement, comprising typically of concessions made by all parties, and to which all parties then subscribe unanimously as an acceptable resolution.
Consensus Ad Idem
Latin: a meeting of the minds.
Consensus Tollit Errorem
Latin: Consent obviates errors in the course of judicial proceedings.
Consent Order
An order of the court in terms which have been contractually entered into by parties to the litigation.
Some right, interest, profit or benefit accruing to the one party of a contract, or some forbearance, detriment, loss or responsibility given, suffered or undertaken by the other.
To leave an item of property in the custody of another.
The union of two or more corporations into one corporate body after which the constituent corporations cease to exist.
Companionship, love and affection and intimacy between husband and wife within a mariage.
An agreement between two or more persons to commit a criminal act.
The basic, fundamental law of a state which sets out how that state will be organized and the powers and authorities of government between different political units and citizens.
Constitutional Law
A branch of law with a focus on constitutions.
Constitutional Supremacy
A system of government in which the law-making freedom of parliamentary supremacy cedes to the requirements of a Constitution.
The legal process of interpreting a phrase or document; of trying to find it’s meaning.
Constructive Discharge
When an employer, rather than acting directly, deliberately makes an employee's working conditions so intolerable that the employee is forced into resignation.
Constructive Dismissal
A fundamental violation of the rights of an employee, by the employer, so severe that the employee would have the right to consider himself as dismissed, even though, in fact, there has been no act of dismissal on the part of the employer.
Constructive Eviction
An implied eviction where the landlord's act or omission justifies the immediate departure of the tenant.
Constructive Total Loss
Insured property that has been abandoned because its actual total loss appears to be unavoidable, or because it could not be preserved or repaired without an expenditure which would exceed its value.
Constructive Trust
A trust which a court declares or imposes onto participants in very specific circumstances such as those giving rise to an action for unjust enrichment, and notwithstanding the lack of any willing settlor to declare the trust.
Consuetudo Volentes Ducit, Lex Nolentes Trahit
Customs leads the willing, law drags the unwilling.
A representative of a foreign government assigned to another country to promote and protect the commercial interests of the subjects of his government.
Consultation Circle
A group of individuals from the accused's community who participate in a forum and discuss the offender and the crime with a view to advising the judge as to sentence.
Consumer Debt
Debt incurred by an individual primarily for a personal, family, or household purpose.
Consumer Debtor
A term of bankruptcy law designating debtors who have debts under a prescribed amount.
Consumer Fraud
An act or omission in the conduct of trade or commerce designed to mislead a consumer.
Consumer Goods
Goods that are used or acquired for use primarily for personal, family or household purposes.
Consumer Proposal
A summary form of bankruptcy for qualified individuals.
Consumer Scam
A deceptive sale of goods or services to a consumer designed to extract money unreasonably excessive given the services rendered or goods provided, if any.
A person found to have committed contempt of court.
Contemporanea Expositio
That the meaning of words in a document are to be understood in the sense which they bore at the time of the document.
Contempt of Court
Conduct that is disobedient, obstructive or contemptuous to the Court.
Continental Shelf
Subsoil and sea bed beneath the high seas but contiguous to the coast and which extends as a natural prolongation of the land into and under the sea.
Contingency Fee
A method of payment of legal fees represented by a percentage of an award.
An adjournment of a trial or some other legal hearing.
An item the possession or production of which in itself is a crime.
An agreement between persons which obliges each party to do or not to do a certain thing.
Contract Law
That body of law which regulates the formation and enforcement of contracts.
The right of a person who has discharged a common liability to recover proportionate share from the other(s) that were so liable.
Contributory Negligence
The negligence of a person which, while not being the primary cause of a tort, nevertheless combined with the act or omission of the primary defendant to cause the tort, and without which the tort would not have occurred.
Intentional contempt of court.
Convention Refugee
An individual defined in the 1951 UN refugee treaty as having a well-founded fear that, were he or she to return to their country of origin, he or she would suffer persecution.
A legal action against a person who found and converted someone else property to his own use.
A written document which transfers property from one person to another, usually real property.
The formal decision of a criminal trial which finds the accused guilty.
A group of supply ships travelling under the escort of warships.
A group of people formed as a separate organization and which has as a stated purpose either in regards to the public at-large or in regards to the common interests of the members.
A generic legal term that refers to various forms of ownership over one asset by more than one person.
The co-ownership of property which has devolved intestate.
Sexual intercourse.
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