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Home Invasion
A break and enter of occupied residential premises with forced confinement, assault or battery of occupants.
The act or omission of one human being, which ends the life of another.
Latin: a fear of homosexuality.
Sexual contact between two persons of the same sex.
Honest Services Doctrine
(USA) A judicially developed criminal offence of bribes or kickbacks which seek or in fact deprive another a right to honest services.
Honour of the Crown
A phrase of Canadian aboriginal law in reference to the sometimes generous attitude the law takes to the definition of aboriginal rights.
Horizontal Agreement
An agreement between two or more marketplace competitors which resolves some avenue of rivalry between them.
Hors de combat
French: outside of combat. A civilian or a soldier who has relinquished or been extricated from combat status.
A health care facility which offers medical treatment including, as may be necessary, board and lodging and necessary incidents such as nursing care or use of technical equipment.
Hostile Witness
A party's witness who demonstrates such adversity to answering questions that the trial judge allows leading questions to be put to that witness.
Hostile Work Environment
A pattern of ongoing and persistent harassment severe enough to alter the conditions of employment.
Hostis Humani Generis
Latin: the enemy of mankind.
The mixing of property for the purposing of effecting a proportionate division.
House Arrest
The judicial obligation upon an individual that she/he be forbidden to leave his or her place of residence except for limited, specified circumstances.
Muslim law: divine punishments; the category of crimes most egregious and therefore most severely punished.
Hue and Cry
A community fugitive-containment strategy of medieval England where a yell went up denouncing a crime, and all within earshot took up the chase.
Human Dignity
An individual or group's sense of self-respect and self-worth, physical and psychological integrity and empowerment.
Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds
A criteria of immigration law; an unusual, undeserved or disproportionate hardship caused to a person seeking consideration.
Humanitarian Doctrine
A principle of tort law which requires an individual to take every action at hand to avoid an accident where peril to another human being is otherwise imminent.
Human Remains
The body of a deceased person, in whole or in parts, regardless of its stage of decomposition.
Human Right
An individual's statutory right to equal treatment and free from discrimination prohibited by statute and which, generally, provides a civil remedy to provide compensation or to punish such discrimination when it is reported.
Human Trafficking
The transportation or commercial exchange of an individual by coercion or deception for the purpose of exploitation.
Hung Jury
A jury which is unable to arrive at a required unanimous or near unanimous verdict.
Husband-Wife Privilege
A special right that married persons have to keep communications between them secret and even inaccessible to a court of law.
Hybrid Offence
A criminal offence for which the prosecutor has the option of charging as an offence punishable by summary conviction or as an indictable offence.
A charge on property upon which an unpaid creditor may enforce payment of the debt.
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