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Jus Spatiandi Et Manendi
Latin: the right to stray and remain.
Just Cause
Employment law: misconduct of an employee, or some other event relevant to the employee, which justifies the immediate termination of the employment contract.
A state of affairs in which conduct or action is both fair and right, given the circumstances.
Justice of the Peace
A judicial officer with a limited role, usually in criminal law, to perform minor judicial tasks such as authorizing search warrants and approving criminal charges.
A necessary prerequisite of a matter put to a court of law for resolution; that an actual and substantial controversy be at hand.
An obsolete judicial position of English nobility; that of chief justice of the realm.
Justifiable Homicide
The blameless killing of another human being.
An answer or defence to an allegation of wrongful conduct that the act or omission, though admittedly committed, was not wrongful in all the circumstances.
Just War
A war which is primarily defensive or retributive.
Jus Vitae Necisque
Latin: Power of life and death.
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