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Kangaroo Court
A judicial proceeding or trial which has a predetermined outcome or where the basic legal rights of a party are jumped over.
Kelsey S. Father
(USA) When an unwed father promptly demonstrates a full commitment to his parental responsibilities, he is entitled to recognition of his real parental relationship absent a showing of unfitness.
Key-Man Insurance
Life insurance to protect a business upon the death of a key individual.
Muslim law: a divorce on the wife's initiative and upon payment of an agreed amount to the husband.
Kiddie Tax
A tax imposed on minors in the events of income from specified high yield sources.
To confine a person against his or her will.
A blood relative.
King's Bench
Originally, the common criminal court of the common law; later, the general superior court.
King's Proctor
An English office investigating and appearing in select family law cases.
Muslim law: women who qualify for marriage with Muslim men as belonging to acceptable religions for this purpose.
Kith and Kin Arrangement
An agreement between a child protection worker and a member of the child’s extended family or other person known to the child, to care for and financially support the child.
Klein Conspiracy
(USA) Conspiracy to defraud the United States by frustrating the functions of the Internal Revenue Agency.
An impulse control disorder characterized by the inability to resist impulses to steal objects.
Knock and Announce Rule
A standard requirement of police officers executing a search warrant that they first knock on the main entry door and announce the purpose of their attendance.
Knock and Talk
An investigation technique involving a law enforcement officer attending at the door of certain premises to speak with the occupants, or asking for consent to search the premises.
Acting voluntarily and intentionally and not because of mistake or accident.
Known Loss Doctrine
A principle of insurance law which prevents an insured from coverage if the insured knew the loss was probable at the time of the insurance contract.
Kolstad Defense
(USA) A defense an employer can make in a civil rights case to defeat a claim for punitive damages.
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