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Norwich Order
Pre-action third party discovery to an intended plaintiff without notice to the intended defendant.
Noscitur a sociis
Latin: that the meaning of a word may be known from accompanying words.
Nota Bene
Latin: note well.
A legal officer with specific judicial authority to attest to legal documents usually with an official seal.
Not For Profit
Operated as nearly as possible at cost; on a cost-recovery basis; an organization not seeking profit and which does not disgorge excess income to its members, in the form of dividends or otherwise.
Notice of Motion
A formal notice to participants in litigation of an intent to seek specific relief in an action.
Notional Severance
Reading down a contractual provision so as to make it legal and enforceable.
In spite of, even if, without regard to or impediment by other things.
Nova Constitutio Futuris Formam Imponere Debet, Non Praeteritis
Latin: a new law ought to be construed to interfere as little as possible with vested rights.
Substitute a new debt for an old debt, canceling the old debt.
Nudum Pactum
Latin: an empty pact; a contract for which there is no consideration.
Excessive or unlawful use of one’s property to the extent of unreasonable annoyance or inconvenience to a neighbor or to the public.
Nullum Tempus Occurit Regi
Latin: time does not run against the King.
Nunc Pro Tunc
Latin: deemed retroactive.
Nuptias non concubitus sed consensus facit.
Latin: consent, not physical intercourse, constitutes marriage.
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