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An act or omission that exposes a person to civil or criminal liability.
Wrongful Birth
A mother's claim in tort that she would not to have given birth to the child with serious genetic defects but for the defendant's negligence in testing or counselling.
Wrongful Conviction
A conviction of a person accused of a crime which, in the result of subsequent investigation, proves erroneous.
Wrongful Death
A claim for non-economic damages for post-death loss of society and companionship and other claims relating to the death of a tort victim.
Wrongful Discharge
The unlawful discharge (dismissal) of an employee.
Wrongful Dismissal
The unlawful termination of an employment contract.
Wrongful Invasion
In the context of the tort of nuisance, the enjoyment of property rights of another.
Wrongful Life
A child's tort claim for bringing the child to birth where the person so doing knew or ought to have known that the child would be born into a life of painful and debilitating disease.
Wrongful Pregnancy
A tort claim alleging that the defendant's negligence has caused an unwanted pregnancy and birth.
Wrongful Termination
The unlawful termination of an employment contract.
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