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As Is
That a product is sold in the condition in which it then exists.
The targeted, covert killing of an individual without legal process and usually for reasons of, though not necessarily limited to, political or military expediency.
The touching of another person with an intent to harm, without that person's consent.
A thing of value.
To sell, give or otherwise transfer some legal right or responsibility to another.
Assisted Suicide
An attempt to take one's own life with the intentional assistance of another person.
A form of organizational structure for a defined group of individuals, for a religious, scientific, social, literary, educational, recreational or benevolent or commercial purpose.
Medieval era action for breach of contract.
A secure place of refuge.
Asylum Shopping
The practise by an individual given asylum by one state as a refugee, to then use that status to attempt to migrate to another country.
Athens Passenger Convention
Formally, the Athens Convention relating to the Carriage of Passengers and their Luggage by Sea (PAL), 1974, an international treaty which establishes a regime of liability for damage suffered by passengers carried on a seagoing vessel.
Attaint of Blood
The additional personal penalties imposed on the estate of an individual convicted of high treason.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD or ADD
A proposed chronic psychological or cognitive condition which inhibits a subject individual from his/her ability to focus.
An alternate word for lawyers or barrister and solicitor, used mostly in the USA.
Attorney Work Product
A privilege that shields from discovery, the private notes or other documents of a lawyer as she or he, or their agents, prepare in the context of a matter considered for litigation.
Attorn or Attornment
To consent, implicitly or explicitly, to a transfer of a right.
Audi Alteram Partem
Latin; literally 'hear the other side'.
Audiovisual Work
Serial images, with or without sound, intended to be shown by the use of projectors, viewers, or electronic equipment, regardless of the nature of the material in which the works are embodied.
Audita Querela
An application to a court after judgment seeking to avoid execution of that judgment because of some event intervening between judgment and execution which compromises the judgment creditor's entitlement to execution.
A private person who examine, inspects or verifies the accounts of another.
Authentic Act
Civil law: a contract or other legal document which has been properly prepared or authenticated by a court officer, such as a notary, and thereafter given enhanced evidentiary status of its authenticity.
Automatic Stay
In bankruptcy law; a stay of collection and other similar debt enforcement proceedings against a bankrupt.
An act done by a person who is not conscious of what he is doing.
The post-mortem dissection and examination of an individual to determine the cause of death.
Autrefois Acquit
Previously acquitted; an accused cannot be tried for a crime because the record shows he has already been subjected to trial for the same conduct and was acquitted.
Pleadings; official allegations of fact made by a party to a lawsuit.
A Vinculo Matrimonii
Latin: of marriage.
The removal of land from one real property and its deposit on the property of another, by the sudden action of nature (eg. water or volcano).
Latin: a mother's brother.
The decision of an arbitrator.
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