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An employer's decision to bar unionized employees entry to the workplace until such time as they accept to work on the employer's terms and conditions or based on a lapsed collective bargaining agreement.
Latin: the place; venue.
Locus Regit Actum
Latin: The law of the place where the facts occurred.
Locus Standi
Latin: legal standing before a court.
Lodge Act
A 1950 law of the United States of America which allowed foreign nationals who enlisted in the US Army for at least a 5 year tour of duty, to obtain US citizenship.
LOF 2000
A Lloyd's standard form of salvage contract.
To waste time; to be idle.
Long Arm Statutes
A statute which purports to regulate persons outside of its territorial jurisdiction.
Long-Term Offender
A convicted person for whom there is a substantial risk of re-offending.
Lord Advocate
Scottish law: head of public prosecutions and the investigation of deaths.
Lord Chancellor
The one-time formal title of the Minister of Justice for the United Kingdom.
Loss of Enjoyment of Life
Damages claimed based on alleged detrimental alterations of a person's life or lifestyle or a person's inability to participate in the activities or pleasures of life that were formerly enjoyed.
Lost Will
A will that has been lost and which may, under certain circumstances, be reconstructed for probate.
An offer in which prizes and high value items are awarded by random chance to participants who buy lottery tickets.
An emotional attachment towards another evidenced by kindness, consideration, understanding, patience, sacrifice or sufferance, if necessary, and words and actions.
Lubricum Linquae Non Facile Trahendum Est In Poena
Latin: the law tends to overlook rash or inconsiderate language spoken in the heat of the moment.
Financial advantage taken in bad faith.
Lunacy law
The law as it relates to the assessment and committal of persons incapable of managing themselves or their affairs.
An individual who, though once of sound mind, can no longer manage his person or his affairs.
A strong desire for sexual relations.
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