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Roman Law
Form and content of law that was developed by the Romans during their 1,000 year empire starting in 500 BC; form in that it was written, and with content that sought to publish a comprehensive code of private law thus addressed a predictable structure for its people and the economy.
Rooming House
Rented residential premises where an individual shares a kitchen and bathroom with others.
Rota Court
Medieval Papal and Roman Catholic court.
A common law and public order criminal offence which has gone beyond an unlawful assembly in that some action has been taken towards either the crime intended or the disturbance of the peace.
Royal Prerogative
A discretionary power vested in the executive branch of government and not, typically, subject to judicial review.
Muslim law: the essential requirements for marriage.
Rule Against Perpetuities
A common law rule that prevents suspending the transfer of property for more than 21 years or a lifetime plus 21 years.
Rule in Aerocide
A Canadian legal principle applicable in employment law which holds an employer to the reasons for a dismissal expressed at the time of dismissal, and prohibiting the attempt to later advance other reasons.
Rule in Allhusen v. Whittel
A suggestion of proportionality as between the beneficiary of a life estate and the ultimate beneficiaries as to liability for ongoing estate expenses during the estate.
Rule in Foss v Harbottle
A rule of corporations law: shareholders have no separate cause of action in law for any wrongs which may have been inflicted upon a corporation.
Rule in Shelley's Case
A mostly abolished rule in estate law to the effect that if a life estate was created but the remainderman was the heir of that person, the life estate collapsed and the entire estate vested in that person.
Rule of Law
That individuals, persons and government shall submit to, obey and be regulated by law, and not arbitrary action by an individual or a group of individuals.
Rule of Lenity
A rule of construction of statutes: that criminal statute ambiguities are resolved in favor of the defendant or accused.
Rules of Court
Rules of procedure and conduct during the sitting of a court of law uniformly applicable to litigants and their lawyers, and governing the hearings of claims and motions, and defences or responses thereto.
Runaway Witness
A witness who, while under cross-examination, is unresponsive.
Rylands v. Fletcher, the Rule in
Strict liability for landowners for damage caused by dangerous substances which escapes from their land and damages others.
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