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Statement of Adjustments
A document that proposes financial reconciliation of a transaction to a specified date and requisite pay-outs to the parties to the transaction or to a defined third-party.
Statement of Claim
The document which sets out the plaintiff's allegations of fact and thus, engages the judicial process by seeking trial.
Statement of Defence
A defendant's written answer or reply to a statement of claim, admitting or denying each and every one of the facts contained in the statement of claim and alleging such facts as the defendant wishes to assert at trial in opposition to the plaintiff's case.
Static Condition
A condition that does not change and is dangerous only if someone fails to see it and walks into it.
Statuta Suo Clauduntur Territorio, Nec Ultra Territorium Disponunt
Statutes are confined to their own territory and have no extra-territorial effect.
Statute of Frauds
A statute that set a minimum standard for enforceable contracts, usually requiring at a minimum something in writing or the actual exchange of reciprocal obligations, at least in part.
Statute of Limitations
A procedural rule which limits the time in which a party may bring an action for a right which has already accrued.
Statute of Repose
The deadline set by statute on the assertion of a right by litigation.
Statute of Uses
A 1535 English law that prevented, for a time, the legal structure of a use.
The written laws approved by legislatures, parliaments or elected or appointed houses of assembly.
Statutes in Pari Materia
Statutes sharing a common purpose or relating to the same subject and which are construed together.
Statutory Lien
A lien arising solely by force of a statute on specified circumstances or conditions.
Statutory Rape
A statutory definition of rape which allows for conviction regardless of the consent, such as with a minor.
Statutory Trust
A trust created by the effect of a statute.
STAXI, State Trait Anger Expression Inventory
A psychological test which measures the intensity of anger in an individual and the disposition to experience angry feelings.
To stop; to suspend; also known as a stay of proceedings; when a law suit is suspended either indefinitely or until the occurrence of a condition imposed by the court.
The taking of something from another without any legal right to do so.
An individual employed to receive and transcribe dictation.
The status of one spouse in regards to the natural children of the other spouse issue from another.
Still-born Child
A child which which did not at any time after being completely expelled from its mother breathe or show any signs of life.
Stipulated Judgment
USA: consent order.
(USA law) An agreement between the parties with respect to an issue before the court.
Latin: the offspring of a person; his or her descendants.
Available merchandise or the aggregate of a person's share holdings in a corporation.
Storm in Progress Rule
A doctrine of personal injury law excusing a property owner for injuries occurring before the owner has had a reasonable chance to address hazards created by a storm.
Storm Warning
Data available to an ordinary investor that would give rise to a suspicion of fraud.
Straight Condemnation
A formal process for the exercise of eminent domain in which a price is adjudicated and then the property bought by the government.
Straight-line Depreciation
A depreciation formula which writes off the cost of an asset at a fixed percentage rate every year of an asset's useful life.
To interrupt breathing by interference with the windpipe.
Title in a prescribed part of a building coupled with a tenant in common interest in common areas.
Straw Boss
An employee with minor supervisory duties.
Dashing through a public area in the nude.
A watercourse having banks and channel through which waters flow, at least periodically.
A public way or road, usually urban, and embraces the surface from side to side and end to end.
Strictissimi Juris
Latin: the strictest letter of the law.
Strict Liability
Tort liability which is set upon the defendant without need to prove intent, negligence or fault; as long as you can prove that it was the defendant's object that caused the damage.
A common stopping of work by a group of employees.
Strip Search
The removal of all or part of an individual's clothing so as to visually inspect private areas or undergarments.
Removal of clothing in a manner so as to arouse sexual desire.
Style of Cause
The formal title of the proceedings in a court of law, usually the action number, the name of the court and the full, formal and complete name(s) of the plaintiff(s) and that of all defendant(s).
Subfile Order
A declaration of rights as regards waterways for the interim regulation of those rights pending a final determination of those rights either by contract or judicially.
The process whereby, under the feudal system of tenure, a person receiving a grant of land from a lord, could himself become a landlord by subdividing and subletting that land to others.
Sub Judice
Latin: under judicial consideration.
The subsequent lease of property that is itself leased; with the primary tenant retaining an interest in the original lease.
The grant by a licensee of certain licensed rights to a third party.
To be subject to the orders or direction of another; of lower rank.
Latin: an order of a court which requires a person to be present at a certain time and place or suffer a penalty (subpoena means, literally, under penalty).
The substitution of one person to the rights of another.
A corporation subordinate to a dominant company which is able, through share ownership, to exert influence or control over its affairs.
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