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ADEPT - Advanced Dementia Prognostic Tool Definition:

A test for patients with mild to advanced dementia designed to estimate skills needed to reside in a nursing home.

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A test often applied by family physicians,  sometimes in combination with the MMSE,  to determine the level of dementia in the patient.

The tool was created by a team led by Dr. Susan Mitchell of the Institute for Aging Research in 2010. The ADEPT assessment predicts mortality risk in advanced dementia patients.

Comprised of 12 items, ADEPT scores the patient based on age, gender, race, medical diagnosis such as cancer, Alzheimer or Parkinson's, shortness of breath, bowel incontinence, hydration, weight loss, fever, ulcers

In the result, the patient is given an estimated risk of death within six months in the event of life within a nursing home. The higher the score, the higher the risk of death.


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