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Administrative Law Definition:

That body of law which applies for hearings before quasi-judicial or quasi-judicial organizations such as administrative tribunals, or the underlying regulatory agency.

Related Terms: Administrative Tribunal, Natural Justice, Deliberative Secrecy, Quasi-Judicial

Synonymous with natural justice.

Administrative law is that body of law which applies for hearings before quasi-judicial bodies, boards, commissions or administrative tribunals supplement the rules of natural justice with their own detailed rules of procedure.

The two basic principles of administrative law are audi alteram partem and nemo judex in parte sua.

Through jurisprudence, common law or case law, these principles have each been expanded and refined beyond their original simplistic design to form distinct bodies of law forming together what the legal system refers to as administrative law.

When the tenets of administrative law have not been adhered to by administrative tribunals or quasi-judicial agencies, there are generally five remedies available depending on the alleged or anticipated wrongful decision or omission: habeas corpus, certiorari, prohibition, mandamus or quo warranto.


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