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Adult Child Definition:

A son or daughter who has reached the age of majority.

Related Terms: Adult, Child, Age of Majority

An apparent oxymoron used in family law to distinguish children of a child support payor who, though having attained the age of majority and therefore, at law, an adult, and no longer a child, remain nonetheless entitled to child support for reasons usually related to temporary or permanent financial independence such as college or university attendance, or disability.

An example of the term being used judicially occurs in Sherlock:

"There is no absolute duty of a parent to support an adult child who is attending school. If a parent does contribute to the support an adult child who is pursuing an eduction, there is a corresponding duty on the child to complete the eduction as expeditiously as possible and to contribute as best as he or she is reasonable able, to the cost of the education, maintenance and support ...."


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