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Alia Enormia Definition:

Latin: The catch-all phrase in trespass pleadings to refer to all such other harms and damages that may have been caused by the alleged trespasser other than those specified.

Related Terms: Trespass, Pleadings, Inter Alia

In his 1874 law dictionary, Archibald Brown wrote of alia enormia:

"Declarations in an action of trespass, after stating or alleging the specific wrongs or injuries complained of, usually concludes with the general words 'and other wrongs to the plaintiff then did etc.', and this conclusion is frequently called in the language of pleading, the allegation of alia enormia."


  • Brown, Archibald, A New Law Dictionary and Institute of the Whole Law for the Use of Students, the Legal Profession and the Public (London: Stevens & Sons, 1874), Page 19-20

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