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Ambulatory Definition:

Something which is mobile or not cast in stone; which can be changed.

Related Terms: Will

For example, in Monninger v Koob, Justice Daily of the Supreme Court of Illinois wrote:

"One of the elements constituting a will is its ambulatory character, that is, it may be revoked at the pleasure of the testator."

In medical-legal areas, ambulatory means capable of movement, as in:

"Upon his admission on suspected severe aw library overdositis, Mr. Duhaime, although confused, could converse and follow directions, was ambulatory, and was in relatively good physical condition."

Bernard Maloy's Medical Dictionary for Lawyers:

"Ambulatory: able to walk. Said of a patient who is not confined to bed."


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  • onninger v. Koob, 91 NE 2d 411 (1950)

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