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Bailor Definition:

The person who temporarily transfers possession of property to another, the bailee, under a contract of bailment.

Related Terms: Bail, Bailee, Bailment

The owner or person in possession of property which is transferred to another, the bailee, under a contract of bailment.

In the 2011, 5th Edition of Halsbury's Laws of England (volume 4, Bailment)

"To constitute a bailment, the actual or constructive possession of a specific chattel must be vacated by its owner or possessor (bailor), or his agent duly authorised for that purpose, in favour of another person (the bailee) in order that the latter may keep the same or perform some act in connection with it ..."

At 8 C.J.S. §3, the authors write:

"A bailor is the person deliverying personalty under circumstances constituting bailment, and a bailee is the person to whom such property is delivered."

That same latter publication suggests as good examples of a bailor, the owner of a ship that gives his ship to a shipyard for repair, or to a warehouse, storage facility or carrier, is a bailor.

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