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Blockade Definition:

The blocking of ingress or egress of any ship with the coast of a targeted state.

In his International Law book, the well-known author L. Oppenheim, law professor at Cambridge, England, tried his hand at defining a blockade but then added a further ten pages of intricacies and points of detail as if military commanders in the field or on the sea, engaged in war would check or abide, mid-battle, by his suggestions of "law"

In any event, his description bears repeating:

"Blockade is the blocking by men-of-war (war ships) of the approach to the enemy coast or a part of it for the purpose of preventing ingress and egress of vessels of all nations....

"Blockade endeavours to intercept all intercourse and especially commercial intercourse by sea between the target coast and the world at large.... It concerns neutrals as well...."



Oppenheim, L., International Law, vol. 2, 2nd Edition (London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1912), pages 450-475


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