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Boarding House Definition:

Residential premises where both shelter and food are provided.

The rental of rooms within a house where meals are provided.

In Godfrey v Christchurch City Council, the New Zealand court wrote:

"In the case of a boarding house, the emphasis is on the communal or institutional occupation, where there would for example be a comon dining room where 'board' was part of the service provided."

Most residential tenancy statutes exclude boarders from the protection of the law given the personal relationships these situation create; boarders even more so than roomers (occupants of rooming houses) becaue of the added dimension of shared meals.

While leases between landlords and tenants within residential tenancy relationships are contractual, many legal authors consider the status of roomers and of boarders as mere licenses, with all the deficiencies that such a legal relationship entails for the licensee.

French: maison de pension.


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