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Chaste Definition:

A person who has never voluntarily had sexual intercourse outside of marriage such as unmarried virgins.

Related Terms: Dum Casta, Dum Sola et Casta Vixerit, Adultery

An unmarried person who has never voluntarily had sexual intercourse.

In other words, an unmarried virgin.

In State v Kelley, Justice Gantt of the Supreme Court of Missouri adopted these words:

"Chaste is defined as pure from all unlawful commerce of sexes, applied to persons before marriage. It signifies pure from all sexual intercourse, undefiled."

More recently, in State v Brionez, Justice Smith of the Supreme Court of Nebraska defined chaste as:

"A woman who is chaste is one who has never had unlawful sexual intercourse with a male person.

"An act of sexual intercourse without her consent and against her will if she is capable of consent does not destroy her chastity."


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