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Corporal Punishment Definition:

A punishment for some violation of conduct which involves the infliction of pain on, or harm to the body

Related Terms: Corrective Force, Abbacinare, Capital Punishment, Death Penalty

A fine or imprisonment is not considered to be corporal punishment (in the latter case, although the body is confined, no punishment is inflicted upon the body).

As with all punishment, the motivation is to either punish the offender or to ensure that there is no re-offence, either by the offender or by others who would be properly detered by the threat of similar punishment.

The death penalty is the most drastic form of corporal punishment and is also called capital punishment. Some schools still use a strap to punish and correct students.

Some countries still punish habitual thieves by cutting off a hand.

These are forms of corporal punishment, as is any form of spanking, whipping or bodily mutilation inflicted as punishment.


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