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Deponent Definition:

A person who gives evidence verified by oath, as within an affidavit.

Related Terms: Affiant, Deposition, Affidavit, Perpetuating Testimony

As the Supreme Court of Michigan wrote, in Walden:

"[A]ffiant and deponent may be said to be synonymous."

Burrill defined a deponent as follows:

"One who deposes (that is, testifies or makes oath in writing) to the truth of certain facts; one who gives, under oath, testimony which is reduced to writing; one who makes oath to a written statement. The party making an affidavit is generally so called."


  • Burrill, A., A Law Dictionary and Glossary (New York: Baker, Voorhis & Co., 1867)
  • Walden v Crego's Estate 285 N.W. 457 (1939)

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