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Docket Definition:

An official court record book which lists all the cases before the court and which may also note the status or action required for each case.

A formal list of cases registered with a court of law and set down for trial or hearing. It is from the docket that a court calendar will be generated.

According to the James Ballentine's law dictionary, docket means:

"... a list or register of cases.... A record of cases and of the proceedings had in a case...."

docketTypically, the court of law will have inherent jurisdiction to control and manage the docket.

In Webster Trust v. Mardie Lane Homes, Justice Stoughton of the Appellate Court of Connecticut noted that:

"(M)atters of judicial economy, docket management and control of court-room proceedings are particularly within the province of a trial court."

Justice Terri Love, of the Court of Appeal of Louisiana, writing the opinion in Hebert v CF Bean (2001):

"A trial court judge has inherent power to take whatever reasonable actions are necessary to maintain control of his docket."


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