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Dum Sola et Casta Vixerit Definition:

Latin: for so long as she remains single (unmarried) and chaste.

Related Terms: Dum Casta, Dum Sola, Dum Vidua, Chaste

Also sometimes presented as vixerit dum sola et casta.

Frequently used in ancient wills to provide for the cessation of benefits to young ladies upon their marriage or loss of virginity.

Ballentine's Law Dictionary:

"Dum sola et casta vixerit: while she shall live unmarried and chaste."

Variations include dum sola (single or unmarried), dum casta (chaste) or dum sola et casta (single and chaste) and even dum vidua.


  • Gladstone v Gladstone, [1876] 11 L.J. 127 (Notes of cases, Superior and equity Courts)

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