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Estover Definition:

Limited rights granted to a tenant of land to certain product of the land, mostly wood.

Related Terms: Dominion Utile

A term of ancient common law and derived from the Roman law and French word étoffer (to furnish).

A. Brown, in his 1874 law dictionary, noted that there were three kinds of estovers:

Housebote, being a sufficient quantity of wood for the fuel and repair of the house;

Ploughbote, being a sufficient quantity of wood for the making and rep airing of agricultural implements; and

Haybote, being a sufficient quantity of wood for the repair of fences.

“It is a rule of law that estovers must be reasonable; also, that they must be strictly applied to their respective purposes, and to none other.”


  • Brown, Archibald, A New Law Dictionary and Institute of the Whole Law for the Use of Students, the Legal Profession and the Public (London: Stevens & Sons, 1874), Page 144

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