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Et. al. Definition:

Latin: and others.

Related Terms: Inter Alia

An abbreviation of the Latin phrase et alia, which means and others.

To be distinguished from inter alia.

It is often used in the registries of the Court to truncate the style of cause of litigation involving multiple litigants, and once all have been fully described in the filed pleadings, by using the name of the first litigant and then, rather than setting out the names of every successive litigant, either plaintiffs or defendants.

In Furr v. Thomas, Justice Summers of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma wrote:

"The caption, as with most of the instruments filed in the case, reads Lester Furr, et al., Plaintiffs v. Paul W. Thomas, et al., Defendants. The phrase et al. is defined as and others.

"When the phrase is used in a judgment against defendants, all defendants are included in the judgment."


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