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Feminism Definition:

A person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.

This is an elusive term to legally define. "Definitions of feminism by feminists tend to be shaped by their training, ideology or race."1

One female author offers this description: "feminism is the ideology of women's liberation since intrinsic in all its approaches is the belief that women suffer injustice because of our sex (gender)."1

Law journals which use the word "feminism" have not as yet  attempted to define the very concept of which they purport to speak. We wrote  to the editors of the the Yale Journal of Law & Feminism (YJLF) seeking  a statement of their definition, if any, assuming they must have one. We have never received a reply which may have elsewhere been for the best as other sources have since been found. Still, it's curious that a law journal on "feminism" apparently does not have a current definition.


  • NOTE 1: Humm, Maggie, The Dictionary of Feminist Theory (Columbus, USA: Ohio State University Press, 1990)

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