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Hedonic Damages Definition:

Damages sought for loss of enjoyment of life.

Related Terms: Loss of Enjoyment of Life, Damages

In Clarkston, Justice Landrieu wrote:

"Loss of enjoyment of life, sometimes known as hedonic damages, refers to the detrimental alterations of a person's life or lifestyle or a person's inability to participate in the activities or pleasures of life that were formerly enjoyed."

In Quintero, Justice Irvine adopted this description:

"Hedonic damages are damages that attempt to compensate for the loss of the pleasure of being alive. They compensate an injured party for the limitations, resulting from the defendant's negligence, on the injured person's ability to participate in and derive pleasure from the normal activities of daily life, or for the individual's inability to pursue his talents, recreational interests, hobbies, or avocations."


  • Clarkston v Louisiana Farm Bureau, 989 So. 2d 164 (Court of Appeal of Louisiana, 2008)
  • Quintero v Rogers, 212 P. 3d 874 (Court of Appeals of Arizona, 2009 at footnote 2)

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