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Inter Alia Definition:

Latin: 'among other things', 'for example' or 'including'.

Related Terms: Et. al., Alia Enormia

Legal drafters would use it to precede a list of examples or samples covered by a more general descriptive statement.

Sometimes they use an inter alia list to make absolutely sure that users of the document understand that the general description covers a certain element (which was covered in the general description anyway) without, in any way, restricting the scope of the general element to include other things that were not singled out in the inter alia list.

Emanuel writes:

"Inter alia: (Latin, among other things). Used when quoting only a portion of a statute or regulation, or part of a judge's opinion, or a document or writing; eg. the statute provides inter alia...."

A sample of usage by the judiciary:

"By letter dated 26 May 1986 Mitchell McCotter & Associates wrote to the Wollongong City Council enclosing a submission on the Helensburgh Local Environmental Study. It made plain that the submission focussed on, inter alia, water quality and was to be read in conjunction with two earlier reports which considered environmental constraints and servicing options for the company's land."1


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  • Lakatoi Universal Pty Ltd v L.A. Walker; Ensile Pty Ltd v Walker Consolidated Investments, [2000] NSWSC 113 [NOTE 1]

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