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Interlocutory Injunction Definition:

A temporary injunction; which lasts only until the end of the trial during which the injunction was sought.

Related Terms: Injunction, Perpetual Injunction

W. W. Kerr wrote:

"Injunctions are either interlocutory or perpetual.

"Interlocutory injunctions are such as are to continue until the hearing of the cause upon the merits, or generally until further order.

"Perpetual injunctions are such as form part of the (order) made at the hearing upon the merits.

"The interlocutory injunction is merely provisional in its nature, and does not conclude a right. The effect and object of the interlocutory injunction is merely to keep matters in status quo until the hearing or further order."


Kerr, W., On The Law and Practice of Injunctions (Florida: Wm. W. Gaunt & Sons, Inc., 1981).

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