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Judgment Definition:

A decision given by a court of law.

Related Terms: Order, Reasons, Sentence

The decision of an issue, or issues in dispute, by a court of law after the evidence has been put to it by the litigants, and setting out the determination of their respective claims and resulting rights and thus concluding the litigation.

In the Canada-United Kingdom reciprocal recognition treaty, known in Canada as the Canada-United Kingdom Civil and Commercial Judgments Convention Act, judgment is defined as follows:

"In this Convention ... judgment means any decision, however described (judgment, order and the like), given by a court in a civil or commercial matter, and includes an award in proceedings on an arbitration if the award has become enforceable in the territory of origin in the same manner as a judgment given by a court in that territory."

Sometimes used to refer to the written or verbal opinion or reasons given by a court behind the decision but these are more properly referred to as reasons.

Where there has been an application for interlocutory relief pending trial, a judge may issue an interlocutory judgment not disposing of the claim but only on the interloctory matter.


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