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Juror Definition:

A member of a jury; a person who has taken an oath to serve on a jury.

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"A juror has been defined as a person who is sworn or affirmed to serve on a jury; a juryman; any person selected and summoned according to law to serve in that capacity, whether or not the jury has been actually impanelled; one of the legitimate triers of fact in criminal, as well as civil cases."

Relying on the United States Supreme Court case of U.S. v Marsh, this is the definition put forward by the American encyclopedia of law, the Corpus Juris Secundum, which has an entire title dedicated to Juries (50A CJS).

In Calvaresi v United States, Justice added:

"The further contention is made that the ... prohibition of bribes of juror authorized by any law of the United States was not intended to include prospective jurors or jurors summoned on panels but was limited to jurors selected and sworn to try the case set out in the indictment. With this narrow construction of the term juror we cannot agree.... [A]ll the statutes of the state and all law-writers universally apply the term juror to persons selected and summoned according to law for the purpose of serving as grand or petit jurors, whether they have been actually impanelled and sworn or not."

In R v Budai, Justice Mackenzie of the British Columbia Court of Appeal wrote, at ¶67:

"That juror's obligation is expressed in the ancient language of the juror's oath: 'You shall well and truly try and true deliverance make between our sovereign Lady the Queen and the accused at the bar, whom you shall have in charge, and a true verdict give, according to the evidence'."

French: juré.


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