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Lap Dancing Definition:

The intentional rubbing against men to please them in a sexual way.

In R v Ankouros, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice had to decide if "lap dancing" was a form of prostitution.

One of the "lap dancers" described what she did as:

“... grinding men to please them in a sexual way. Grinding, she said, means 'a girls bum rubbing a guy’s genital area and getting it aroused.' In return, she testified, she would be paid $10,000 per week and receive discounts on Victoria Secrets lingerie and passes for Canada’s Wonderland and movies."

Another witness described it as:

"... putting on lingerie and grinding rich white men in a basement, for which she would be paid a lot of money – in the thousands of dollars per week. (she) understood grinding to mean performing lap dances on someone’s crotch."

Noting that prostitution meant "an exchange of sexual services in return for payment, or the sale of sexual favours", the operator of the lap dancing facility had to stand trial for procuring prostitution.


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