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Limitrophe Definition:

Adjacent, bordering or contiguous.

The limitrophe: at the border.

The Oxford Dictionary:

"Limitrophe: Situated on the frontier; bordering on, adjecent to (another country). A border land."

More extensively used in French. For example, eaux limitrophes is translated as boundary waters.

The French title and version of the Canadian statute, the International Boundary Waters Treaty Act:

Loi du traité des eaux limitrophes internationales

Or, consider this from s. 7(1)(a) of the Loi sur les commissions portuaires (Harbour Commissions Act; italics added):

"La majorité des commissaires est nommée par le gouverneur en conseil. La nomination des autres commissaires suit les règles suivantes: s’il n’y a qu’une municipalité limitrophe du port, ils sont nommés par le conseil de celle-ci....""A majority of the members of a Commission shall be appointed by the Governor in Council and the remainder shall be appointed as follows: where one municipality only adjoins the harbour for which the Commission is established, by the council of that municipality...."


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