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Mystic Will Definition:

A sealed and secret will requiring strict formalities and available only in limited civil law jurisdictions.

Related Terms: Holograph Will

Particular to Louisiana and also known as sealed will or sealed testament.

Like the holographic will, the mystic will allowed the testator to conceal the disposition of his or her property

According to the 1960 article by University of Georgia law professor John Rees:

"The Louisiana mystic will must be sealed must be closed and sealed and then acknowledged before a notary who draws up the act of superscription which is signed by the testator, the notary and the witness... The contents of the will are kept from the witnesses."

According to the 1956 edition of Corpus Juris Secundum, Title 94, "Wills", at §208:

"[S]uch will will be in an envelope, closed or sealed and presented so inclosed to a notary with a declaration by the testator in the presence of the (three if notarized; five to seven otherwise) witnesses .. that the paper contains his will, whereupon the notary must have indorsed on the envelope a statement of the transaction signed by himself and the witnesses."


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